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The Life Coach Hotline

Feb 15, 2021

Today I want to welcome my client Lilyrozenn, all the way from France. Lilyrozenn is a Life Coach for Moms. She first found coaching when she became a mom with new challenges navigating her time as a mom and as a wife. Coaching changed her life; it taught her how to navigate this new chapter with more love, less guilt, more fun and a better marriage. Then she DECIDED she was going to be a coach and opened her own business 5 years ago.
In today’s episode, we talk about her story, how she got into coaching, and what her business looked like at the start vs. what it looks like today. We dig into how she came to me feeling like her business was never good enough no matter what results she created, and why she joined the mastermind committed to feeling better about her business, knowing that would be the best energy to create even more in her business. We talk about what that was like, why it’s important and how the mastermind left a profound impact on how she celebrates herself and in turn, her business.

Lilyrozenn also has a unique offer. Unlike the other women in the mastermind, she started with 1x1 and found she was only doing it because she was supposed to. She was lacking confidence in her offer which left her struggling to sign clients. After coaching in the group she decided to start her membership program which is what she really wanted to do. Today she has 40 women in her membership and will sign 40 more before the mastermind ends.

Her story is a unique perspective on how your individual needs are addressed in this mastermind, how it’s not a one size fits all and how my mentorship helped her make the decision that was best for her, her business, and ultimately the 40 women she is helping today.
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