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The Life Coach Hotline

Feb 12, 2021

Today I want to introduce Gretta Scholten to you all as a Time Management Coach. Gretta, a former OT, realized after a couple years of being in the workforce that she wasn’t passionate about OT despite having her masters. She went from OT to trying out photography and leaving her job, failing to keep that business going, returning to a full-time job, only to find coaching in 2019. 
In May of 2020 she started her coaching business and when the pandemic hit, decided to leave her corporate job once again to go full time in her business. After the first few months and signing her first few clients she hit a lull, and month after month started to pass and she wasn’t signing more clients. She started to feel like her coaching business was crashing and burning the way her photography business had. When she came across the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind, she immediately decided to enroll and almost had to sell her car to be able to join.
Today, only 4 months into the mastermind, she has made over $20,000 when she didn’t make over 5k leading up to the mastermind. She is enjoying her life now more than ever, feeling like her business is simple and clear, and knows there is no going back to her old job because this is her lifetime career. She knows exactly how to sign clients and keep her business thriving.
On this episode, we discuss her story, how she made peace with going to school for 8 years and letting that go, how she let go of using her past evidence from her photography business to predict that her coaching business would fail, what she was struggling with when she joined the mastermind and what she learned to create $20k plus in the last 4 months. 
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