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Anything but Average

Jan 19, 2022

This week, I offer 4 things that have helped me approach failure differently. I’m showing you why we have to integrate and utilize failure, and how changing your relationship with failure will in turn change your relationship with success and make all of your dreams inevitable.


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Jan 12, 2022

This week, I share the 5 guidelines and rules I follow to manage my time at the highest level possible. Getting uncomfortable and exploring what works is going to be part and parcel of this process, but I promise, you won’t regret it on the other side when you’re spending your time doing what you truly love.



Jan 5, 2022

Listen in this week as I offer the process I use and teach for making any decision. Whether you’re deliberating on joining the program, launching your business, or a decision in your everyday life, you can apply this process to spend the year moving forward and creating the life you really want.


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Dec 29, 2021

If you’ve had a history of quitting in any area of your life, this episode is for you. I’m showing you the 3 most common reasons people quit, and how to begin taking charge of building the trust you need to keep going, no matter the results you are creating.


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Dec 22, 2021

Discover how result attachment might be showing up for you in your business right now, and why it’s such a harmful habit. Find out how to know if you’re attached to your results in your business, what causes you to feel attached to your goals, and how to solve for result attachment.


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