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The Life Coach Hotline

Mar 4, 2022

My guest this week is someone who’s already been on the podcast, so we’re getting to witness her growth in real time. Anna Brinkworth is a life coach who helps her clients embody confidence and take actions to create the results they crave and life they love. She went from waiting to retire in 2045 to living her dream life right now, and she’s letting us in on her journey.


Anna launched her business only eight months ago, and she is the example of what’s possible. She hit the ground running, made her investment back almost immediately, joined the first round of the mastermind a couple of months after joining Anything but Average, and has continuously reached new levels in both her life and business since being in this room.


If you know you’re on the edge of your own transformation, wanting more, but waiting for your belief to catch up with your desire, listen in this week. Anna is showing us how she tapped into such deep belief in her own self-concept, why the mastermind is a container that provides continuous opportunities for growth, and how to go from waiting and wishing to jumping straight in.


The next round of the Anything but Average Coach Mastermind is OPEN for the spring of 2022 class! There are only 20 spots available and applications close on March 6th at 11:59 Eastern time, so jump on it!


What You'll Learn on this Episode

  • Anna’s journey of joining Anything but Average and starting her business.
  • How she tapped into the belief that anything is possible for her.
  • What helped Anna hit the ground running in her business so quickly.
  • The tangible results she’s experiencing in her business now.
  • Why you can’t wait for your desired results to believe it’s inevitable.
  • How Anna is able to go all-in on her belief to keep up-leveling her life and business.
  • The power of snapping out of indecision.


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